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Large Format Printing

I have worked the most with Encad, HP printers, but mostly
with Epson.  My instructions are based on these printers.  (If
other companies want me to profile their equipment and
promote it, they will have to give me their equipment to test!!)
Epson 9600

I raise the head height to a wide setting on my 9600.  I leave
mine there all the time.  This is because fabric has small hair like
fibers that can brush against the head.  This will not hurt your
printer; you will just need to do a cleaning cycle more often.

I turn off my
cutter and leave it off.  It will work on the fabric, but
it is a blade for paper cutting.  Fabrics traditionally need a very
sharp blade for a clean cut.   (Your mother must have told you
not to use her “good” scissors on paper!”  

clean the inside of the machine with a damp cloth that does not
lint.  Fabric will leave dust much like watercolor paper.  I
shine a light into the printer and look for little strings or threads
that can fall off from the edge.  Sometimes I see a thread get
wound around the bar inside the machine.  I put on a rubber
glove and reach up to the blade that cleans the heads.  I usually
find it with a thick ink layer.  I scrape the build-up off the blade.  I
do this especially when I still see a less then perfect prime line
after I did a few cleaning cycles. A weekly cleaning is good

Matte black ink is far better then photo gloss.  I have profiles
available.  Go to for the profiles.  If you do not want to use the
profiles, select
enhanced matte paper as the media. Select
automatic as the mode, and select vivid from the mode pull down
menu.   Use high speed; fine 720 dpi in the print driver.  The file
to be printed needs to be no greater then 150 dpi.

The chemical leaves a light starch on the fabric.
 You do not
need to rinse, heat set or do anything other then remove the
 I like to rinse my silks before I wear them to avoid any
extra ink transferring to my skin when showing off my creations.  I
never rinse the fabrics if they are being used for wall hangings or
art pieces.  If I am making anything that will get a lot of wear and
tear, I spray
Scotch Guard on the item.  We have a beta test
product referred to as “goo” that adds an extra layer of protection
for heavy-duty wear and tear items.

Epson desktop printers are kept at a
plain paper setting, as is all
8.5-inch wide printers.  Epson 13” wide models usually print best
when selecting
watercolor paper or enhanced matt paper