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Printing Instructions

Preparing the fabric before you print is always a good ideal, trimming the
loose threads with a pair of scissors, and checking for fabric lint will give you
better results and less waste.

1. The fabric sheet must be flat.  If the sheet is curled, use a hot iron on the
paper side to flatten.

2. Before you load any fabric sheets into your printer, be sure to trim off
loose threads - do not pull.  Also, brush off any fabric dust or threads that
may be on the fabric.

3. First try feeding one sheet at a time.  If the paper loads from the top,
place it in the tray, fabric side out.  If the paper loads in a lower feed tray,
place the fabric in the tray, paper side up.

4. Keep your printer properties set at the Plain Paper setting.  Set the quality
to Best option if there are 3 options, (draft, normal, best).  Set your quality to
the 4th best option if there are 5 choices.   

5. Wait for about 5 minutes for the ink to dry.  With some printers in humid
environments, it is best to wait 4 or 5 hours before proceeding.

Peel the fabric off the paper

1. To remove the fabric from the paper, use your fingernail or a pin to raise
the fabric from the paper or tear the corner of the paper to get a corner of
fabric, pull the fabric from the paper.

2. If the fabric seems too tight on the paper, iron the fabric side. That should
loosen the grip.  Lift the fabric off while the paper is still warm.

Each printer company's inks have unique qualities! Not all
inks perform the same on the fabrics!

1) HP dye based printers yield bright colors on all the cotton and silks.  The
magenta is harder to hold, a color shift .  These are best hand washed.

2) Epson UltraChrome, UltraBrite, or DuraBrite have the least color shift and
are the most washfast.  They can be machine washed gently.  Epson Photo
dyes can be used for projects that will not get wet.

Note: The Epson R 200 Series uses an oil based ink that will not work with this

3) Lexmark printers yield brighter prints with stable colors on all fabrics.  
Hand wash for best results.

4) Canon printers yield bright images on cottons and most silks. Hand wash